May 27th, 2015

Things are hotting up with the new heatmap, compliments of the Google Maps API Heatmap layer.


This shows where the largest collection of clubs is around the globe.


HTML5 and charts

May 25th, 2015

Since the majority of web browsers out there support the HTML5 standard, I’m starting to redesign the site using HTML5. The blog and Guestbook won’t be affected since they are third party applications, however everything else will go HTML5.

I hope that I’ll be able to exploit some of the more advanced features in the future.

I also noticed that the labels on the pie charts are truncated. I’m in the process of fixing those on my development system. The problem is the underlying perl module. I submitted a bug report but I’ll probably go and put it in development as soon as I’ve finished with the HTML5 conversions.

Starting up the blog!

May 20th, 2015

I think I’ll start up the blog again. Although I have been working on some pretty comprehensive documentation which includes a change log, it might help me remember things I have done or am going to do if I blog them.

As always, I’m open to comments and suggestions. Especially let me know if you use the maps on your club or district website.

Display maps without the division/area sidebar

September 4th, 2012

If you’re linking to the map from a webpage and do not wish to display the list of divisions/areas on the right side, you can pass divlist=o to turn it off.

Normal List: http://toastmasters.sysadmininc.com/nmap.html?district=50

List: http://toastmasters.sysadmininc.com/nmap.html?district=50&divlist=o

This is useful for area specific pages that just want to show their own clubs in an embedded page.

Area 42 clubs for D50:


You can’t keep a good [coder|scripter|hacker| out!

August 27th, 2012

Some of my Toastmasters friends will be happy to know that I’m a genius :)

Toastmasters changed their website so rather than just grabbing a page of their data, adding it into my database and redisplaying it, they have a convoluted javascript interface which really stops me from easily screen scraping the data.

After 2 days of a combination of firebug and the developer tools on Firefox and Chrome and some lengthy sessions with packet sniffing software Wireshark, I was able to recreate the queries the browser was sending and put together a nice little script that’ll grab the data.

The result, I hit the website 5 times for each district instead of once. It’s not quire as reliable since their server has performance issues as it is, but the data looks solid. I just need to write a new script to import it into the database and I’m back in business!!!

A few updates

May 27th, 2012

A while ago I did some updated to the spreadsheets, however I missed a couple of items. This means that some values were not entered into columns, giving 0 where there should be a number. This is now fixed.

Also, for ease of reading, I have used colors for clubs with <13 members, those with 13>19 and those with 20+. This should make it easier to spot those clubs that need more attention.

Also, the blog was broken due to me forgetting to change the server name after moving to a new host. This is also fixed.

As always, I’m open to comments and suggestions.

Realignment Sandbox

December 31st, 2011

It’s back! The Realignment sandbox is up for testing. Here’s a few notes to help you along.

First, do NOT alter someone elses district. Do not put your clubs in someone elses district. If a club doesn’t belong in your district, put them in District 0. As yet, there’s no way to pull out a club that’s been put there but that’ll be coming soon.

Remember, districts are either two numbers (single digit districts have a leading 0) or a letter F or U. There is very little error checking so if you mess up the district, you’ll lose your club.

TO get to your sandbox go to http://toastmasters.sysadmininc.com/sandbox.html?district=xx (where xx is your district number or letter).

There are two things you can do here.

First, if you move a marker, it will move the club to a new location. This is good if you need to fine tune a location. Remember to send me an update if you move a club, and the club should update their location with WHQ too.
After you’ve moved a marker you’ll be given the chance to accept the new location, just close the window if you don’t want to move.

Secondly, you can now change the district, division, and area of a club. Just click on the club’s marker and it’ll bring up the usual information window. At the bottom it’ll show the current district, division, and area. Change to suit and click submit. It’ll run off to another page to do the update. Click the given link to return and the club should be updated. It should be possible to form new divisions and areas using this method also.

TODO: Update club information (take updated club information and add it to the sandbox)
RESET CLUB: (Take the clubs original district, division, and area and reset it)
Find a club: For those missing clubs that may have been mis-entered or moved, this’ll find it and let you move it.
Sycn new/old clubs: Bring over new clubs if they’re added to the district and remove old ones as they don’t renew
Reports: It should be possible to generate realignment reports in Excel for easy manipulation (list which clubs go to where – maybe not for this year tho :) )

Please submit suggestions and feedback here for via email.

Toastmasters Map Update

September 8th, 2011

Hi All,

I’ve been working to update the maps backend scripts and think I have finally completed it. For a technical review of what’s happened see below.

You can find the test base at


Picking a district should open a base nmap3.html.
Please don’t try using the move a club feature since it’s still using the live database.

I’d like to get feedback and suggestions before putting it up front and (center/centre) – yes, I’ve received comments that I’m starting to type American lol.

Anyway, here would be a good place to post feedback and suggestions since it’s easier to keep track of them.

The technical stuff. Google have now depreciated the Maps API v2 and now API v3 is current. They removed a lot of useful routines and changed quite a few things between the two. It should be faster now that the backend is more light weight.

They removed the built in routines to handle creation of XML objects, and the infowindows are now handled in a different way (they won’t automatically close which means you can have multiple windows at the cost of having to track and close them yourself), and a few other annoyances :)

This gave me a chance to go through and tidy up a little bit of the code.

That means, I may have broken something! Please test and report any issues.


August 30th, 2011

It’s been a while since I updated here. There was a problem with the club charter date not being populated properly and with the addition of the maps on Toastmasters pages, it broke a few things in my script. This is all fixed now and should be good for a while.

Please remember, give me credit if using my maps. It’s taken a lot of hours to put this together and maintain and while I don’t make any money from it, it’d be nice to be recognized for my work. Thank you.

WHQ messes me around…again!

December 21st, 2009

Running a website that pulls data from another is full of adventures. I logged in the other day to find that they have completely changed the format of the club lists. In fact, the page I was using no longer exists so I had to resort to another one. Now they’ve changed it up with maps (I have a story about that!) and have javascript all over, I had to rewrite my scripts.

Well, it turned out to be easier than I thought – with the added bonus that I no longer have to parse addresses using commas. This makes the addressing much more accurate. Our friends in continental Europe would have to make changes in their club information for it to be 100% useful, For example, most of the addresses in France have the city in the 2nd rather than 3rd field – not sure if this is just how it’s displayed or something at WHQ. Anyway, a bit of fiddling later.

For now, I’ve updated my scripts and everything should be running again, and will be much, much more accurate, I think.

Please have a play around and let me know if you find any errors.