There are a number of reports we provide to assist your club, area, division, and district. You can access them here

DISCLAIMER! Please note: Map positions are estimated with the best information available. If a club cannot be geocoded, it will NOT show up on the maps, however it will show up in other reports. If a club moves, we may not automatically pick up its new location. Check with the club for their exact location before you turn up for a meeting since the best information may be wildly inaccurate. Most clubs are accurate, some are good to street level, some may not even be coded in the same city! If you are a club member, please ask your district leadership to designate a chair to providing accurate, up-to-date information so people can find your clubs. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the data or if the club is not there when you turn up.

District map with club pin colors representing DCP status for last Toastmaster's year.
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Green=Presidents, Yellow=Select, Blue=Distinguished, Red=No recognition

District map with club pin colors representing current club membership status
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Green=20 or more, Yellow=between 12 and 19, Red=Less than 12
Pie chart representing membership status; <12, 12-19, and 20 or more members
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Bar graph showing number of members per district. More of a demo to show quick and easy graph creation.

List of clubs by meeting day. Either select by district or click "All Districts" for a big list (takes over a minute to generate so be patient)
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All Districts
A certain amount of stupidity is handled such as most mis-spelled dates. Most foreign days are accounted for. All clubs are advised to check their entries carefully on a regular basis. If something like "Tuesday. Pre reg by Mon" then your club is likely to show up on Monday's list also. Try to use "RSVP 24hrs prior" or something. It's only 2 more characters!

List of clubs alphabetically by city, state.
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List of clubs alphabetically by state, city.
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